Friday, March 24, 2017

Friday Blog Hop:Celebrate the Small Things

Mary Berry's Simnel Cake. Eleven marzipan balls represent the twelve apostles minus the traitor Judas

 Much seems trivial in the light of the tragedy of recent days but we are here to celebrate the small things so here goes...
  • BST (British Summer Time) starts this weekend. The clocks go forward an hour during Saturday night and from then onwards we can enjoy increasing hours of daylight and will be looking forward to warmer weather.
  • Mothering Sunday coincides with the start of BST this year. You may not know that it is actually a Christian festival, held midway through the period of Lent. Historically, servant girls would be given a day off from work; they baked a Simnel cake to take home to mother. Nowadays the day is more commonly known as Mother's Day. If the weather is fine, I will be spending it with my eldest son at a nearby nature reserve, taking photographs of wildlife etc. (I had to buy a tripod for my photography class last week, so intend to get some use from it!). If the weather is not fine then we will be having a pub lunch instead. 
Motivational poster from 1939
So. We keep calm and we carry on. If anything, recent events seem to have revived a patriotic spirit. I refer you to Sir Winston Churchill's greatest speeches, made during WW2 when Britain was on the verge of being invaded for the first time since 1066. These speeches exemplify the spirit of the British people in times of crisis. Those who plot to destroy our liberty, freedom of speech and democratic processes should perhaps take heed of the messages they convey.

BBC History Feature: Churchill's Greatest Speeches

Sir Winston Churchill on utube

Signing off now with wishes that you enjoy a happy, peaceful and loving weekend.

Thanks as always to Lexa Cain and her helpers for maintaining the momentum of the Friday Blog Hop. Click the link to the right to find out more.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The Way I See It: The Sanctity of Human Life

What do the deluded/psychotic/naive individuals who carry out terrorist attacks, such as those which took place today in London, believe that they have achieved? If they acted in the mistaken belief that they are advancing a religious faith then they are surely destined for their personal Hell, because no religion promotes or condones murder. Human life is sacred, regardless of any religious beliefs. We can only hope that the innocents who have been affected by such crimes will eventually find a way forward.

Criminals are not about to gain any public to support their cause. We cannot comprehend mindless acts of murder and violence or what truly motivates. Do these people themselves know? I suspect that mostly they are twisted and bitter people with purposeless lives who are looking for something that gives them a sense of importance, of power, a feeling of belonging to a group.

Perpetrators of these crimes against humanity have often been radicalised by cowardly puppetmasters who sit back from a safe distance and pull the strings of gullible acolytes who do the murderous work on their behalf. In any event, whatever the motivation they have achieved nothing other than to blot out innocent lives. Because terrorism never succeeds in the long term.

Police Constable Keith Palmer will be remembered forever with love by his family and friends. Wider society will treasure his memory and be grateful for his devotion to preserving law and order in the UK. His name will be written in history books. He has become a martyr to the cause of Democracy and the Rule of Law. The name of the perpetrator of the hideous evil work in Westminster will be forgotten and he will be missed by nobody.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Friday Blog Hop:Celebrate the Small Things

Good morning, friends, followers and accidental tourists. Welcome to my corner of Robin Hood country. Here's the latest of my wittering rambles in support of the Celebrate the Small Things Friday Blog Hop.

Today I am celebrating my best night's sleep in a long time. I tried Horlicks and the occasional over-the-counter sleeping pill. I tried overnight eye masks in vain attempts to dispel the telltale circles under my eyes. Nothing worked. So I gave in to the irrefutable need to replace my ancient mattress and the new zillion springs, natural fibre, medium-firm model arrived yesterday.