Saturday, March 26, 2016

SUPER SALAD with Beetroot, Lentils and Feta Cheese - SUPER QUICK, SUPER HEALTHY, SUPER TASTY

I've been gradually adapting my diet to reduce that amount of meat that I eat, including more beans and pulses to keep up levels of protein. I found this recipe in a Waitrose magazine and have adapted it slightly to include what I had in the kitchen. The salad is based on puy lentils, which are rich in fibre, protein, and iron, and very low in fat. Beetroot, as you know, makes claims to be a  superfood which can help to reduce blood pressure, aid sports performance, and protect against dementia.

I use packs of ready-to-eat lentils and vacuum packed beetroot for speed and convience but it would be even more economical if you decided to cook dried lentils (20-25 minutes) and cook beetroot (from the garden?)

The salad makes two very generous portions. I serve it topped with cubes of feta cheese or grilled halloumi cheese.

  • Put the juice of juice of half an orange and half a lemon in bowl, along with the zest. (Try to find unwaxed fruit - it's much easier to grate)

  •              a good pinch of caster sugar or 1tspn of honey, depending what you have in the cupboard
  •             1 shallot, very finely chopped, or the equivalent amount of red onion, or mild white onion
  •             1 tbspn olive oil

  • Mix the dressing well and then pour in 250 g of warm lentils and leave for a while for the lentils to absorb the flavours of the dressing
  • Meanwhile, chop 125 g of cooked beetroot and add to the mix
  • Add a generous handful of flat leaf parsley leaves to the salad
  • Season generously with freshly ground black pepper and salt
Enjoy the salad warm or at room temperature.

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