Friday, March 31, 2017

Friday Blog Hop: Celebrate the Small Things - In My Garden

Mother Nature has been temperamental this week. It was dry and mild enough to earlier in the week to work in the garden. Mid-week we experienced a spectacular thunderstorm. The following day I had to drag my winter coat from the wardrobe and today it's been warm enough to wear a tee shirt whilst working in the garden. That's British weather! Apparently, we are renowned for talking about it - it's because it is so unpredictable.
Despite the vagaries of the weather, the English are a nation of gardeners and I've made a determined attack on my patch of land this week. I spent several hours on Monday forking over a vegetable plot which I intend to grass over at some point, and was then too tired to attend my photography class in the evening. But despite an aching back I've managed to weed most of the borders and the garden, which has been a bit neglected for a couple of years, is looking more loved.

I've taken a few snaps of plants that are currently flowering  -

This Mahonia self-seeded. I think it makes a nice contrast with the bark of the Silver Birch, which was a parting gift from colleagues some years ago.
Patches of aubretia are making a nice contrast with the pink tulips that I planted out in the autumn.

I grew this camellia, bought cheaply in a supermarket in a pot for two years . I planted it near the patio this week, after throwing some peat and mycorrhizal fungi into the planting hole. Unfortunately the frost caught the flower buds but it's now in a sheltered spot near a sunny wall. It's still small but next year will look good with the Blue Arrow junipers that I also planted this week.
Check out the Gromat! I haven't seen one of these before but optimism triumphed and I bought one. At £4.99 it was worth experimenting in a bare space in the border. It's a mixture of seeds in a biodegradable mat. Just lay the mat in the border, cover thinly with compost or soil, and water well. It seems too good to be true.

I will be spending most of the weekend in the garden, weather permitting. Hopefully, I will soon be in a position to put out some garden furniture, lay back, relax, and enjoy!

Whatever you have planned for the weekend, be happy!

Bye for now.

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  1. Spring is here. We are enjoying the rains return. Nice post

    1. Thanks for visiting, Martin.💐

  2. Lovely pics. I also enjoy time spent in the garden.

    Marilyn @

    1. Thanks for visiting, Marilyn.💐

  3. What pretty flowers! Our weather is bouncing back and forth. Today we have 26 C, but later this week it's supposed to be back down to 5 (w/ freezing at night) So I'm still sitting on my seedlings and waiting.

    1. Growing from seed requires a lot of patience - and I'm guessing that you have a greenhouse. The only seeds that I sow are those which can be put straight into the ground. I sowed Night scented stock this week - outside the patio doors so that I will be able to smell them from the house on summer evenings.