Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Out for a Duck (a mallard nesting in my garden)

On Sunday I was a woman on a mission to give a much-needed coat of protective paint to the garden shed.  I was stopped in my tracks when I stepped into the no-man's land between the back of the shed and the boundary fence and almost trod on a nesting mallard.

We are some distance from the river so goodness knows why she chose my garden for her maternity ward. Anyway, that scuppered my plans with regard to the shed - mallards are a protected species and so I couldn't disturb her, even if I had wanted to. She's going to be there for around 28 days before the ducklings hatch out. Then it's going to be a long waddle for the babies before they reach water.

I looked at the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds website for advice, which is to put some cold boiled potatoes and water close by nesting mallards. So early this morning I was cooking breakfast for a duck. I tried to tread as quietly and possible as I approached the nest but her breathing became very agitated. So I'm going to avoid the area as much as possible for the next few weeks.

P.S. The product that I am using is Cuprinol, co-incidentally and aptly named Ducksback. 

Out for a Duck -  for the many people who don't understand cricket: Out for a Duck is a cricketing term which means that a batsman is dismissed with a score of zero.(Used figuratively and ironically in this instance).

RSPB Website link 


  1. Bird sitings huh?My mom has plenty of turkeys around her home that we see daily.
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