Everything is coming up roses


Haven't been here for a while - busy with a succession of staying guests. My youngest son is now in working in England for 4-5 weeks - only forty miles away from here, so we will be seeing him most weekends.

I've been trying to keep on top of the gardening - early mornings and late evenings as we have had a spell of hot weather, with which I find it difficult to cope. Too hot to sleep! Here are a few pics of the garden, which will be at its best later this month.

The first roses

Clematis climbing the fence
North-facing cranesbill geranium under the silver birch
The raised vegetable bed.
Top tip from Monty Dom on Gardeners World - still time to carry out the Chelsea crop if you are quick. It will result in more prolific flowering of certain perennials later in the summer. I tried it on my plox yesterday. Find out more - Gardeners World


  1. Missed you. Thank you for the beautiful pictures.

  2. Welcome back! Your garden is gorgeous, especially the roses. I'm so impressed! That's a lot of space, I don't know how you can take care of that many plants. Have a great week!


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