In the Garden and in the Gym

The recent weather has wreaked havoc in my garden. We have had hot days, warm days, cold days and rain, rain, and more rain, here in Robin Hood country. Garden hygiene has been sadly neglected chez moi. Consequently, my hollyhocks are leaning at an angle of forty five degrees (note to self - stake morerobustly next Spring), the rose blooms are soggy and rotting and there is powdery mildew throughout the flower borders - they love warm, humid weather.On top of which the garden is infested with caterpillars. So much for attempts at organic gardening. I've invested in sprays to rid myself of the blighters. But the cabbages are so far gone that I have resorted to pulling them out of the plot. But worst of all, my beloved delphiniums have fallen prey to something unidentified. I had some lovely blooms in June and once they had died back I cut back the growth in hopes of a second show later. The  regrowth was amazingly rapid, but once the flower buds appeared they all died. So yesterday (during an interval of good weather!) I stepped out, cut them back, and investigated. Caterpillars! Dozens of the tiny green creatures. They had been growing in the hollow stems that I had cut back after the June show of flowers. They will overwinter in the stems if left there and create even more havoc next Spring. I've dug the plants out and I'm going to burn them. Never too old to learn!

On the bright side - whilst unable to potter around the garden I searched utube for a low impact exercise programme. I've been following this programme from HasFit every day and truly feel the benefits. Plus, I think I'm in love with the coach! Hasfit has loads on programmes on utube for all ages, levels of fitness, and to address specific issues. Can't recommend them highly enough 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


  1. Thank you for this update. Sorry about the plants but glad about the workouts.

  2. Yay to work-outs. I've been meaning to start getting back into those myself. As to the garden *sigh*, so sorry to hear about your troubles. I've been trying to keep my chemical free and have admitted defeat. But I'm all smiles that I was able to get quite a bit of tomatoes and other things out of the plants first. Some bushes really didn't do as hoped, and others fell prey to insects like yours. Luckily, Winter lets me forget the horrible defeat and hit Spring with new energy and hope.


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