Friday Blog Hop - Celebrating Heroes

The U3A is in full swing again, following the summer recess.  Yesterday I went to an awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping, presentation by an ex-army gentleman, Chris Vasper, about his 2016 foray into the Sahara to take part in the Marathon Des Sables, the world's toughest desert race. 

Watching Chris's slide show was a humbling and emotional experience. Some of those undertaking the challenge had disabilities sustained whilst serving in the British forces - one was Private Karl Hinnet who was photographed leaping from the turret of a tank with the back of his head on fire. The image went around the world. He was eighteen years old at the time and sustained 40% burns. Another participant was an amputee who was walking on two prosthetic legs. Chris himself is living with MS.  The participants in the marathon have to carry all of their supplies with them throughout the six day race.These are giants amongst men.

The team of which Chris was a member in 2016 carried the baton , which was crafted from the handle of a stretcher used to carry the wounded in Helmund Province, Afghanistan, and holds within it a message of conscience, gratitude and hope.

Chris is doing it all again in 2018, in aid of 


  1. People like that amaze me--what true heroes they are!

    1. Yes. We are lucky to have them as exemplars of bravery and fortitude. Thanks for your regular visits to this blog, .Tonya, and for continuing the momentum of the Friday Blog Hop.


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