Friday Blog Hop - Celebrating the Not-So-Small Things

Hello, it's Friday already and a grey start to the day here in Robin Hood Land. Oh, for a few days of sunshine! But instead, I'm reminded that the last quarter of 2017 will soon be upon us, and I have already had to make a table reservation for the Bridge Club Christmas lunch. Christmas is months away, but last year I left it a little too late and had difficulty finding a restaurant that was able to accommodate us.

Last weekend we undertook an expedition to visit my sister in rural Wiltshire. Those of you unfamiliar with the roads in England may be bemused by the fact that it takes four and a half hours to travel 160 miles. But I dislike motorway travel and the scenic route involves some roads where it is difficult for two cars to pass without brushing into the hedgerow on the roadside verge. We travelled past Malborough College, Silbury Hill and Avebury, arriving at our final destination at teatime ...

My sister lives in a 18th-century house at the foot of the northern slopes of Salisbury Plain, a short distance from Stonehenge. The area is a treasure trove for anyone interested in archaeology and ancient history. When I look out of a bedroom window to the field across the lane I can see a burial barrow built by the Beaker people who lived in these parts from 2900-1800 BC.

The weather was, on the whole, disappointing. After getting soaked to the skin through three layers of clothing (evidently I washed a waterproof coat once too often) during an uncomfortable sortie to Cliveden on the Bristol Channel, we abandoned all hope of seeing the sun during the following few days and gave up our plan to move on to the Jurassic coast of Dorset in search of fossils. I had already announced to the U3A geology group that I would report back on the visit. But there's a backup plan - my brother-in-law has loaned this ammonite to me and told me to unabashedly pass it off to my geology group as one that I found at Lulworth Cove.

Mmm - not entirely sure that the group will be convinced (assuming that I will have developed sufficient muscle strength to transport it). The aforementioned practical joker bought it about thirty years ago for thirty pounds at a roadside in Turkey.

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