Friday Blog Hop.

Well, I did it, finally! After much vacillation and trepidation I have booked my flight to Singapore and will be spending my seventieth birthday there in the temporary 17th floor home of my youngest son and his family. I hate flying. Most of all I hate long distance flights. But my reluctance to risk DVT and the other potential hazards associated with trips to the tropics has been overcome by my desire to see my grandchildren. So I'm off to visit in mid-November and will be there not only for my own birthday but for the fourth birthday of Charlotte. Fourteen hours non-stop on a plane.

I don't know about you, but I prefer to travel by water. Which brings me nicely to Captain Cook and the Endeavour, on which he undertook his first long-distance voyage. Why this leap into the past? you may ask. It's because by Wednesday last week I thought that I had just about conquered the virus that has plagued me for weeks and embarked on the U3A coach trip to Whitby, on the North Yorkshire coast. Which is where Captain James Cook lodged whilst undertaking the apprenticeship which led to his journeys of discovery. Here's a scale model of his first ship, the Endeavour, returning to Whitby harbour, after carrying a party of schoolchildren, somewhat precariously in my view, on a trip along the beautiful, if rapidly eroding, North Yorkshire coast.

More about Whitby later. In the meantime many thanks to the team who maintain the Friday Blog Hop. If you would like to join in click the logo that you will find somewhere on this page (I've recently re-formatted and it's not clear to me if you get the same page views as me). You will be re-directed to Alexa Cain's webpage, where you will find a list of other people who are celebrating the small things in life.

Weighing anchor and waving goodbye, for now.


  1. What great pictures! I can sympathize with you on a 14-hour flight. That's how long it took me to fly from California to France many years ago. Ouch! Have a good trip! Happy early birthday to you!


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