Friday Blog Hop: Spring in the Air - Briefly

The event that we bloggers all dread happened to me yesterday. My laptop died.
It had been in poor health for some time but had struggled on bravely for a long time. And to be fair, I had mistreated it - downloading the free Windows 10 upgrade and then removing it on three separate occasions. It has now been consigned to the graveyard.  That is why I couldn't post on the Friday Blog Hop at all, let alone in a celebratory mood, yesterday.

You would not believe the angst that I have suffered choosing and sourcing a new machine. Windows or iOS? Conflicting advice from two sons - one who seems unaware of the financial constraints of pensioners on a modest budget. Yes, you guessed correctly. Curbing all of my instincts and a naturally extravagant nature I have opted for a Windows 10 operating system, though my heart yearned for a Mac - having fallen totally in love with my iPad  I would have enjoyed similar sensual pleasures from a laptop. But, as a former employer once said to me when I asked for a pay rise (in the days before equal pay legislation hit the UK) we must all cut our coat according to our cloth. So here we are - one day late with the blog hop after a morning dash to Waitrose to collect the laptop ordered yesterday from JL, followed by several hours being baffled by technology. I fear I am growing too old to keep up!

Now for the good news. Thursday was a glorious day. I managed to get out into the garden for several hours and the front garden has now been nicely spruced up - weeded, shrubs cut back. After collecting three bags of decorative bark mulch and a bag of compost from the garden centre, dragging them  across the garden and spreading the contents I was bushed (ie exhausted).  No energy left for cooking dinner so resident son popped out to collect fish and chips. I then gingerly sunk into a hot bath, hoping to relieve screaming joints. After which I took to my bed, almost before dusk, where I watched tv for a couple of hours (on the aforementioned iPad).
Bark Mulch on the raised shrub  bed

Speaking of catch-up tv - the French language drama, Mafiosi, set in Corfu, is brilliant. I'm now logging off to watch episode 5.

P.S. The spell of good weather was shortlived. I turned up the central heating thermostat.

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  1. Yay for the beautiful garden! There's a Windows 10? I'm just grateful when my old Windows 7 cranks to life every day. ;)