Sunday, August 05, 2018

A Nice Cup of Tea in Singapore

Reunited at last! My suitcase and I. It's a long tedious story. We had been separated for so long that I had forgotten what the contents were - apart from some TWG tea that the family had brought home from Singapore. I had ordered it at my 70th birthday celebratory tea party at a posh hotel during my November visit, attracted by the description on the menu. Feeling nostalgic, I asked for some to be brought back to the UK when the family was repatriated.

Holiday in Paris Tea by TWG - who could resist

Rare Yin Zhen and sweet vanilla have been blended as an ode to a leisurely promenade along the cobblestone streets of Paris. Nard and wildflowers decorate this cup with their crisp, floral savour and leave a heady, perfumed aftertaste. 

 Now it's sitting on my kitchen counter. But because I know that it is quite expensive I can't bring myself to make a brew with it. I'm saving it for a special occasion and in the meantime sticking with my usual builders' brew in my favourite mug.

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By Alohomoratum. - Own work., CC BY-SA 3.0,
TWG  shop in Singapore