Celebrate the Small Things. Making money from writing internet content

Yes, it's Friday Blog Hop day and time to Celebrate the Small Things. This week I celebrated reaching a target of 100,000 visits to the articles that I write for the Hubpages content site. It felt really satisfying to my performance-driven personality. Yay!  

So is the time and effort involved in writing internet content worthwhile? 

  • I started to write content for Hubpages to hone my writing skills. For me, the initial buzz came from writing articles that were good enough to be featured and which people wanted to read.
  • Income is earned from ads placed on featured articles.
  • Some contributors appear to make a good regular income, if they have particular expertise in a niche area that people want to access -  and if they publish a large number of articles.  Others, I suspect, make pin money.

  • I image that the high earners are writing articles in which they can recommend Amazon items that have a high ticket price - the percentage income from Amazon sales via a link in an article is good.  Most of my own articles are about travel or about literature and do not have the potential to promote high value products.
  • The money earned from advertising fees was a secondary consideration that became more important, in terms of affirmation of the value of my content, as time passed.

  • I currently have a portfolio of thirty-five published hubs. These are currently producing an income which can cover the cost of a nice restaurant meal each month. But it took a while to build up to this.
  • I don't know of an internet content site which pays a better income than Hubpages, or which is more supportive of its contributors.  I would be writing for it if I did!
  • Articles that are assessed as particularly good might be selected for one of the specialist niche sites, where they are likely to receive more traffic.
  • Hubpages employs a team of professional editors who can make changes to improve your article (no charge!)
  •  Most visits to Hubpages articles come via the Google search engine - there is a learning curve involved in writing articles that are search engine friendly and picked up by Google. 
  • Income is related to the number of articles that a writer publishes on Hubpages.  I only write about topics that interest m; and I publish infrequently as most of my articles require quite a lot of work. Some writers have published in excess of one hundred articles.

Fancy giving writing articles for Hubpages a go? 

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