A Perfect Day at the English Seaside

One of the nicer things about England is that anyone who lives here is not more that 70 miles from the sea. Consequently, a day at the seaside is a feature of English culture. I haven't felt sand between my toes for ages, so early this morning Number 1 son and I packed the deckchairs, the cool box,and the camera and headed for the east coast. After a pleasant drive through the Lincolnshire Wolds, an area of great natural beauty that is overlooked by the tourists (for a lot of the journey we didn't see another vehicle),we arrived on the Sutton on Sea beach just after 9.30 a.m.

This is a quiet and restrained little village where nothing much happens and this early in the morning there were very few people around. As is usual, a breeze was blowing in from the North Sea. On this occasion it was so welcome! The ongoing heatwave has just become too much for those of use happy to live in a temperate climate.Without the breeze the temperature would have been around 29 degrees centigrade.

 I wandered along the long stretch of beautiful beach, feet sinking into the warm, grainy and soft sand.

 My family came here often when the kids were small but it's at least fifteen years since I last visited. Nothing much has changed. The same clutch of shops and cafes, the rows of beach huts, but the village has been spruced up with pretty flowerbeds maintained by an army of local volunteers.

We walked along the beach to the neighbouring village, Sandilands, where we ate crab salad for lunch at the Grange and Links Hotel, lingering over our pints of cold lager. Afterwards we wandered down the road for locally made strawberry ice cream cones at the Seagull Cafe. A perfect day.