Bonfire NIght aka Guy Fawkes NIght

Remember, remember the 5th November! How could we forget? Fireworks have been exploding from sunset each night this weekend - and it is not yet the 5th!

As often happens at this time of year, it has been raining on and off for most of today, so the bonfires that are to be lit when Guy Fawkes Night actually arrives (tomorrow) are not going to blaze unless the organisers of bonfire parties have had the foresight to cover their pyres with tarpaulin. As for me, I have been occupied making bonfire toffee today which I and the man about the house will take along to a community bonfire tomorrow evening.

If you have built a bonfire don't forget to check for hedgehogs that may have sneaked into it before you ignite - each year hundreds of hedgehogs are burned alive each year. The population of this endearing little creature has substantially dwindled in recent years so why not make today the day that you saved a hedgehog.

Want to know more about this ancient British custom of burning and effigy of Guy Fawkes once each year. Check out my article about the history of the event here -