Sunday, April 03, 2016

Sepulchre by Kate Mosse

Occasionally I open the curtains in the morning, take one look outside and decide that the only thing to do is grab a luxurious, usually to be avoided, mug of hot chocolate and climb back into bed with a good book. Which is what happened today. I had planned to plough on with the garden work but the weather is so miserable that it's impossible. It's so dismal that I can't even summon the enthusiasm to get to the gym. So I picked up Sepulchre by Kate Mosse instead. I started to re-read it a few evenings ago - usually a couple of (short) chapters before settling down for the night.

Recipe for divine hot chocolate as made in Spain -luxurious treat

I got into the habit of speed reading when I was studying for my English Literature Degree, and that's how I read Sepulchre for the first time. But I think it's worth closer reading. It's a novel, set it France, but packed with facts - a short biographical sketch of Debussy, a lesson in Tarot - and I'm only up to chapter 13! Ms. Mosse is a descriptive writer - her description of characters immediately brings a vivid picture to my mind. I usually concur with Hemingway's few that the fewer the adjectives the better but in the instance I'm enjoying a leisurely read of a novel packed with imagery.

Ms. Mosse has a very impressive c.v.: Oxford University educated; senior roles in various publishing houses for 11 years; began her writing career in 1992. Her books have sold millions of copies in 40 countries.

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