Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Why Drink Decaf?

What, you may ask, is the point of denuded, decaffeinated coffee? Well, there isn't one. If you don't mind the prospect of a future of addiction, shot nerves, insomnia, high blood pressure and headaches. Ever wondered why some European nations are so excitable? It's the ritual of the early morning espresso, so thick that it may be possible to stand a spoon in it, and so strong that it has to be washed down with a glass of water by the unaccustomed and unwary.
OK, I exaggerate. But I do have difficult-to-control high blood pressure; and caffeine doesn't do anything to abate my insomnia. So I have been drinking  decaf for a long time - possibly longer than you have been alive.

Frankly, most of the instant stuff is awful. I bought a cafetiere some years ago and have endured sludge at the bottom of my coffee cup ever since.  I now have a coffee bean grinder to enable me to produce a more suitable grind. The purchase naturally necessitated a search for decaffeinated coffee beans. Who knew it could be so complicated!  It transpired that some decaffeinating processes will not help in the quest for good health. We have to source coffee beans that have been washed, using the Swiss Water Method, or the Mexican Water Method. Oh, my days! It turned out that choices were limited in this small backwater. In fact, after extensive googling, I found only one local supermarket that stocked Peruvian Coffee Beans Decaffeinated by the Swiss Water Method. I was down there as quick as Jack Flash and I've been grinding away ever since they hit the kitchen counter.