An English Garden in February

Hi there. Happy Saturday.

The weather today in Robin Hood country is surprisingly sunny and warm. Spring doesn't officially start until the 20th March but my garden doesn't appear to be aware of that fact. I've been outside for a couple of hours, doing some general tidying up in preparation for some planting in a few weeks time. The aubretia is already starting to flower, there is a colourful splash of purple crocuses and the pinks are amazing. A few buds flowered throughout the winter months and now there are loads more about to burst into bloom.

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I attended a talk yesterday on the subject of Spring poetry. The lecturer reminded us about how the seasons in England were sharply divided in the days of our youth, remarking that nowadays, because of changing weather patterns, it is no longer the case. Which is rather sad.

Much English poetry is about the different seasons. Yesterday in the local park I noticed that the ground beneath the trees is smothered in snowdrops. Here's a poem about this lovely delicate flower -