Sunday, March 10, 2019

Egg, Chorizo, Kalettes, Parmentier Potatoes and Tomato in a Sunday Brunch Hash

I found packs of these new-to-me vegetables, kalettes, on offer in the supermarket. The tiny leaves vaguely resemble kale so, as I am always up for a bargain/ now trying to eat more leafy green vegetables, I purchased a pack.  When I arrived home I googled them - and found that kalettes are a fairly recent hybrid of kale and Brussels sprouts. High in vitamins K and C (but not as high as kale)


There's usually a Spanish chorizo sausage in my fridge nowadays. The smoked paprika flavour goes well in parcels of white fish fillets and cherry tomatoes, or in spicy bean dishes.

Intense flavour. A little goes a long way.

 I adapted a recipe from the March issue of Waitrose Food magazine to incorporate the kalettes and the chorizo, substituting them for the specified kale and bacon lardons.

The result got a thumbs up from the man about the house so I'm sharing a link to the recipe -

 Bacon, egg and kale oven hash

My verdict on kalettes - a novelty, but a bit pointless. I don't plan to rush to the shops to buy this veg again any time soon.