Thursday, March 07, 2019

Successful Healthy and Fast Weight Loss With my Low-Carb Diet Regime and Easy Exercise

Good news!

Following three months of poor results on a gym programme and around 1400 calories each day I changed my diet and exercise regime only a few days ago and the body analyzer scales at the gym indicate that am already getting results. How?

Here's where it all happens!

  • I am now using the fat burn programme on the treadmill for half an hour, five days a week. I was a bit skeptical at first because this means that I'm strolling in order to keep my heart rate at 104 (right for my age and weight), burning very few calories. Is it boring? A bit. But, in combination with an altered and improved diet, I am burning fat rather than stored glucose. Which is great, because the truth is that I am clinically obese with thirty-five percent body fat. Nobody but my doctor appears to believe this simply by looking at me - because much of the fat is hidden and lurking around my internal organs. I weigh more than my thirty-one-year-old son, who is six feet tall compared to my 5 feet 3 inches. My blood pressure has been controlled by medication for years and I recently had an extra pill added. Which was just too much. I want to live for another fifteen years or so - hopefully as fit as I can be and in good health. I had a wake-up call and summoned some determination. Hence the diet. 
  • I'm using my own adaptation of Michael Moseley's Blood Sugar Diet - although I am not diabetic (you may know that Michael, who has a medical background cured his diabetes with this diet). The reason I chose the diet is that it is based on trials conducted at Newcastle University and is proven to quickly get rid of the visceral fat  (the dangerous hidden fat) around the liver and to cleanse the pancreas. 
  • To summarize, the secret is higher protein consumption than I am accustomed to and plenty of vegetables. Fat is allowed (yes, that's right) so full-fat plain Greek yogurt, nuts and seeds are on the menu. What I am not eating is flour, bread, root vegetables (apart from an occasional carrot baton), and foods containing added sugar (though I do put half a teaspoon of sugar in my one daily cup of tea). The high high-sugar fruits that I previously consumed in large quantities are out, so I'm eating berries with an occasional apple or pear. 
  • For the time being ( I have around 17kg to lose to get down to my ideal healthy weight), I am restricting myself to 1000 calories on most days and on two days I consume only 800 calories. Honestly, I am never hungry! So far today I have eaten, for breakfast, a two-egg omelette, cooked in half a teaspoon of olive oil and half a teaspoon of butter, and filled with an ounce of jumbo prawns. Mid-morning I ate an apple (not because I was hungry but because I thought that I ought to) and drank 200 ml semi-skim milk. 
Here's me, on the beach, summer 2018, arthritic knee hurting and feeling very unfit  -

I will be posting the prints from the Body Analyzer scales during the next few days.