The Garden Today - Preparing for Summer

For the past three days, we have had unseasonably mild and sunny weather here in Robin Hood country,  so I have been getting a head start in the garden. The borders that I mulched with Smart Cover last Spring are looking great - very few weeds have poked through - but the others were a mess of weeds that had to be dug out and perennials that needed to be split because I never got around to doing the Autumn tidy-up.

So I have been wading through snails and working as tirelessly as a seventy-something granny with dodgy knees is capable of - with lots of tea breaks. Popped out to the garden centre yesterday evening and bought a couple of bags of manure, which I have just spent most of  Mothering Sunday forking in. What a smelly job that was! When the ground has settled I will be buying more Smart-Cover so that there will be less weeding in the future.

It's going to be a busy few weeks in the garden as some redesign work is in the offing. The north-facing lawn (read moss for that!)  under the trees has never done well as it is too much in the shade. So I am planning a small shady patio area, repurposing some slabs that I already have. When it's finished (with the help of Number 1 son) it will be in a situation that is not overlooked by neighbouring properties, so I'm already thinking of a summer afternoon tea party.
A couple of inches of well rotted manure ready for lighly forking into the border.