Monday, July 15, 2019

Getting Back to Glass Milk Bottles

We are all becoming more conscious of the amount of plastic that is in everyday use. It's impossible to get through the week without contributing in one way or another to the mountain of indestructible plastic. Much plastic waste can go into the recycling bin collected by the Council but it really isn't the answer. Did you know that just one item incorrectly dropped into your green bin can ruin the recycling potential of a whole truckload of waste? The waste that can't be recycled is shipped to the Far East. The countries that are paid to take the waste can't cope with the huge quantities, so much of it is left lying in giant mountains. It worries me what sort of legacy are we leaving for our grandchildren - mine are aged only five and two. We are merely temporary custodians of the (inappropriately named) Green Planet. So I'm trying to do my bit.

Milk in glass bottles, delivered to my doorstep, as in the old days, is my latest effort. I used to buy four or five two-pint bottles from the supermarket each week - that's at least two hundred single-use plastic bottles each year!  On the other hand, glass milk bottles are washed and reused up to twenty-five times at the bottling plant. Yes, it's more expensive to buy milk this way but the cost can be offset by using a little less milk each week and cutting costs in other areas - like buying the weekly grocery shopping at a cheaper supermarket. In addition to the environmental advantages of glass milk bottles, the milk is bought from independent farmers who are paid a fair price. I pay online, in advance, and the milk appears as if by magic on my doorstep. I never hear or see the milkman!

The Milk Delivery Video

Another way to help recycle plastic is by saving empty crisp packets and taking them to a collection point. Perhaps you don't eat many bags of potato crisps. They are a guilty treat in my household and the resident son has developed a habit of tucking a packet into his lunch box every day. It has to stop! In the meantime, I send the packets off and they are transformed into rather enterprising products. Watch Walker's Crisps video to find out more.