Saturday, October 26, 2019

The Game Changers Documentary About the Benefits of a Plant Based Diet

Hello and welcome!

I haven't posted on this site for a while - been totally preoccupied with Brexit and sharing my opinions about it on Twitter  (as if anyone cares what I think. But it made me feel better). But I have joined the ranks of the deeply frustrated about our government and have given up tweeting about it.

I watched a documentary about diet yesterday evening and  found it so interesting that I want to share with you. The film was recommended by my super-fit son (who took part in a 24-hour cycle race around Ben Nevis last weekend). He has been persuaded by the documentary to try to improve his diet, as have I.

The documentary is The Game Changers and it's available on Netflix. To summarize - it covers how  both health and athletic performance can be improved by eating a plant based diet and avoiding meat. Executive producers of the film include Lewis Hamilton, Jackie Chan and Arnold Schwarzenegger (who knew that they are vegetarians!).  The film includes interviews with Olympians, American footballers and firemen  -among others - all of whose health has improved on the plant-based food regime. The fundamental rationale is that animals act as a middleman between us and plants. The animals eat the plants - we eat the animals. Why not avoid the middleman and get straight to the plants? Plants have, it has been proved, more than enough protein to satisfy the requirements of the human body.

The scientific evidence about the effect on both health and the environment of consuming animals that have grazed has already led to me eating more beans and pulses and less meat, but I need to go further to improve my health and clear my arteries of any accumulated fat. I'm going to reach my 72nd birthday next month and I have every intention of living until around my 88th! For yonks, I've been taking medication to control high blood pressure and cholesterol - I'm hoping that the diet will produce significant beneficial results over the four weeks leading to my annual health check with my GP. Pill-popping is not something I enjoy - perhaps I will be able to reduce/eliminate my prescription.

To get me started, I picked up some falafels, veggie burgers, soy milk and teriyaki tofu at the supermarket this morning.

Come back if you are curious about progress. In the meantime, you might want to watch The Game Changers yourself.

P.S. There is a Game Changers website, which has a few recipes, along with other things. Here's the link