Wednesday, December 18, 2019

What to Do if You Want to Claim for Faulty Goods

Another recall of faulty electrical goods was announced yesterday by Whirlpool. My Hotpoint washing machine is on the list of 519,000 models that are being recalled due to a possibility that a faulty lock may cause a fire.

Apparently, Whirlpool still has a backlog relating to earlier recalls of washer-dryers. There response had been so poor that eventually executives of the company were brought to answer questions posed by a House of Commons Select committee. The logistics of recalling so many additional machines suggests that I am not likely to get a repair or replacement from them anytime soon.

What some people may not know is that the UK Consumer Rights Act 2015 places a legal responsibility on the retailer who sold a faulty item to make recompense. So, to circumvent a long list of cases held by Whirlpool, I have contacted to the retailer that supplied my washing machine.

I tried to establish contact by telephone on three separate occasions yesterday and each time I rang was kept on hold for over half an hour before losing patience, disconnecting. I finally decided to make a written request for recompense, via email. Almost immediately I received an automatic response informing me that someone would contact me within 24 hours. I will post the the outcome here later.

It can sometimes be difficult to find out from a retailer's website who to contact with a written complaint . Presumably they don't like to receive written complaints. But, as I have already said, sometimes telephone contact is virtually impossible.  Just do an internet search, as I did, and your retailer's address and email address for Customer Complaints should pop up.

If you have a faulty item - to make life easier There is a downloadable proforma letter asking for action regardind faulty goods on the Which website.