Sunday, January 05, 2020

Happy Twelfth Night and Happy 2020!

Hello, friends old and new!

Tomorrow is the twelfth and final night of Christmas celebrations here in England, and I will be hosting brunch for a bunch of friends - looking forward to scrambled eggs with smoked Scottish salmon - and then we are off to view Little Women at the local cinema. After that Number 1 son and I will be removing the Christmas decorations and taking the tree for recyling, as superstion has it that bad luck will befall a house that keeps decorations in place after twelfth night turns into Epiphany at the witching hour  -

 yes we had a real fir tree, despite being away in Scotland for much of the Christmas period.

Here's a pic of my grandchildren on Christmas morning -

and here's a pic of some of my family preparing Christmas lunch -

I've been burning the midnight oil this evening - writing an article about Twelfth Night traditions and customs, old and new. Here's a link - should you be curious - The Twelfth Day of Christmas - History-and-Traditions

Enjoy the last day of the twelve days of Christmas, and have a happy and healthy 2020!