Friday Blog Hop. My Garden in March

Hello. Thanks for dropping by. How are you coping through these testing times?

I feel so fortunate to have a garden, where I have been busying myself for a few hours every day. There's a mammoth task to deal with - carting a ton of bagged topsoil for my front driveway to the back garden. I've made some inroads but there seems to be an awful lot left to move. The soil has been blocking the drive since last September. The best-laid plans of mice and men oft aft awry. It's top-quality soil that was intended as the base for a new lawn. In the intervening time Brexit, and then the coronavirus, came along - both circumstance suggesting that fresh produce might be in short supply for some time. So I am now using the topsoil on newly created vegetable patches.

Heavy work for an old(ish) lady! Can't manage a full wheelbarrow.

extended an existing flower border and planted a row of Maris Piper seed potatoes

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