Being Grateful and Positive

Hello. Welcome back. How are you coping with the coronavirus crisis?  I have made up my mind to make the best that I can of the lockdown.  I refuse to grumble about my own minor restrictions when so many people are suffering or grieving.  So many people have fallen victim to the virus, and there are very many living in really unpleasant situations. I give thanks every day that I have somebody in the house for companionship, and that I don't live in a city high rise block with no access to a garden.

 I used to shop for groceries several times each week and confinement to home (because I'm in the vulnerable age group) has freed several hours each week to take up new hobbies and to do things that I enjoy. I bake bread, advised in the craft by my brother-in-law who has become something of an expert.

My first couple of attempts were a fail, but once I had learned not to be afraid of kneading the bread dough too hard, not hard enough, not for long enough, and learned to be patient about the length of time it should be left to prove, I was on a roll. Home-baked bread tastes much nicer than bread produced in a factory - and I use healthful olive oil in the dough.

Occasionally the resident son and I take an evening stroll along the lane as far as St. Laurence Church in a nearby village - about three miles for the round trip. Far enough for me. At other times I take my Nordic poles for early morning spin around the nearby park. If the weather is bad there is always lovely Coach Kozak and his wife on the Hasfit uTube channel to fall back on - he has a twenty-minute seated workout for seniors like me, as well as more strenuous programmes for the seriously fit.

My youngest son and his young family are 500 miles away in Scotland. I am so grateful to have Facetime - and here's a shoutout for the wonderful  Caribu app that enables me to read stories with my grandchildren. Becoming something of a techno head,  I'm newly into Zoom - have a weekly Sunday morning group chat with my besties. Yay!

 My vegetable plot seems to be doing well. I recently had the first crop
French breakfast radishes

Potting on the dwarf beans and the courgettes

Cut a plastic drinks bottle in half to make mini cloches
 I had an unused lemon in the fridge last Sunday so I made lemon curd. A yummy treat to spread on my crusty bread or homemade scones. But not to be enjoyed too often - there is quite a lot of butter and sugar in it.

Last but not least, I am getting around to completing a half-finished project. I'm ghost-writing my Dad's memoirs. A couple of years before he passed away, Dad wrote lots of notes for me, and we had daily chats about his early life. His memory, for a man in his late eighties, was phenomenal. But here's the thing - my own memories of my childhood have always been sketchy but, recently, more and more events are coming into my mind. It must be one of the signs of advancing years.

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